Terms of use


1.1. These terms and conditions include the terms and conditions regarding the use of Store.Leijonat.fi (hereinafter the "Service Provider") online service (hereinafter the "Service") and the terms regarding the ordering and delivery of products. By registering for the Service or purchasing products from the Service, the Service user ("Customer") accepts the terms and undertakes to comply with these terms. The service contains notices and operating instructions detailing these conditions.

1.2. Service provider contact information: Suomi-Kiekko Oy. Business ID number 3017931-2 .

1.3. All rights to the content of the service belong to the Service Provider. The service provider has the right to change these terms and conditions. The customer accepts the changes when using the Service. The contract terms valid at any given time can be seen on the Service Provider's homepage.

1.4. The Service Provider is not responsible for the information on the websites of the manufacturers of the products sold in the Service.


2.1. The customer registers by ordering from the Store.leijonat.fi online store and entering his personal information in the delivery information.

2.2. The customer must be a natural and full-fledged person of legal age. A legal entity, i.e. a company, can also be a Customer, but in that case the Customer does not have the rights intended for consumer customers, such as the right to return the product in accordance with section 6 of these terms and conditions. The same applies to the situation where the product purchased from the Service is used in business activities. The customer is responsible for the correctness of the information he provides to the Service Provider and the use and storage of the username and password.

2.3. The service provider has the right to refuse registration and, if necessary, the right to close the customer's username.


3.1. Personal information about the customer is collected and stored in the customer register maintained by the Service Provider (Suomi-Kiekko Oy customer register). The use of personal data is described in the privacy statement .

3.2. The customer has the right to check or change personal information about himself. If the customer belongs to the newsletter list, he also has the option to unsubscribe from this register. The service contains operating instructions regarding data.


4.1. If the delivery area is otherwise limited, the limitations will be announced in the Service.

4.2. The price, delivery methods and delivery costs of each product are indicated on the product page. In the same context, possible restrictions related to the availability of the product are also announced. Any customs duties will be paid by the customer and are not included in the prices.

4.3. The customer can place an order in the Service either after registering as a user of the Service or without registering. The order placed is binding on the Customer.

4.4. Ordered and in-stock products are delivered within 2-5 days of ordering. The Service Provider announces the estimated delivery times of the products in the Service for other orders.

4.5. If there are delivery difficulties regarding the ordered product, the Service Provider's customer service will contact the Customer.


5.1. The customer can pay for the product in the Service when ordering via online banking with bank credentials or a credit card. Payment methods are specified in more detail in the Service.


6.1. The customer cannot cancel a placed and paid order in the service if the product has already been delivered from the warehouse. If the order is left uncollected, the order is treated as a canceled order. It is also possible to cancel the order by sending a cancellation notice to our customer service via e-mail to store.leijonat@finhockey.fi If you wish to cancel the purchase after receiving the order, the Customer must proceed as described in the following section 6.2.

6.2. Delivered products have a 14-day right of return from the moment of receiving the goods. The product can also be exchanged for another product upon return, but this must be agreed with customer service separately.
The consumer must keep the product essentially unchanged and undiminished until he has decided to keep the item. The product must be sent back in its salable original packaging. So keep the shipping package of the order or package the product in separate shipping material when returning it. If the returned product has been used in violation of the Customer's duty of care, the Customer may be charged a reduction in value of the product up to the full price of the product, as well as the return cost.
The product is not unused if, for example, there are clear signs of wear and/or dirt. The return must include the original packaging and all the parts, documents and packaging materials that were part of the packaging. Products manufactured or modified according to the customer's wishes do not have the right of exchange or return. Such products include, for example, individual, customized jerseys made according to customers' wishes.
The product can also be returned by post as a customer return from the online store. Notification of using the right of return must be made to the Service Provider within the aforementioned 14 days and the product must be returned within 14 days.

6.3. The day when the product package is redeemed or the date of the receipt is considered the time of product purchase. It is the customer's responsibility to indicate the redemption date if necessary.

6.4. The service provider pays the postage costs of the returned product, if it is possible to deliver the returned product as a normal postal package or letter and the package or letter has been sent from Finland. Delivery of products delivered as special transport units will not be refunded. The service provider has the right to charge 40 euros/product as return costs for special transport.

6.5. The Service Provider will return the payment to the Customer due to the return of the product in the first instance or within 14 days of the return of the product at the latest.

6.6. The campaign benefit or gift card issued by the service provider cannot be converted into money. If the conditions set for receiving a campaign benefit (e.g. discount) are not met in connection with a customer return, an amount corresponding to the value of the benefit will be withheld in connection with the refund. If the Customer cancels or returns the product or order he paid for with a gift card, the Service Provider will return to the Customer a gift card of equivalent value to the online store. For example, the benefit codes received by the Customer as gift cards are not returned as money, but a benefit code of the same amount is delivered to the Customer.


7.1. The product's possible warranty period is announced on the Service Provider's product page. The product delivered to the customer is accompanied by a shipping list, which is also the product's warranty certificate. A possible longer warranty given by the product manufacturer does not bind the Service Provider.

7.2. Replacing or repairing the product under warranty does not extend the product's original warranty period.

7.3. The service provider can be released from warranty responsibility if it can be shown that the product's error or breakage was caused by an accident, use of the product contrary to the instructions or intended use, or other circumstances for which the Customer is responsible.

7.4. The customer must notify the warranty provider of a product defect within a reasonable time after the customer noticed the defect or should have noticed it.


8.1. The service provider is not responsible for delays caused by force majeure.

8.2. Finnish law applies to any disputes concerning the contract between the Customer and the Service Provider.

8.3 The service provider is liable for errors in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act for the products it sells. In the event of a product error, the customer must always first contact Leijonat Store's customer service by sending an email to store.leijonat@finhockey.fi. The consumer-customer has the opportunity to submit a dispute between the service provider and the customer regarding the contract to the Consumer Disputes Board.